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What to Do If Senior Relatives Take Medicines That Increase Falls

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By now, you may have already read in our previous blog article the three classifications of prescriptions that you should review in order to reduce the risks of your senior family members suffering from injuries caused by falls or slips. And if you did discover that your loved ones are taking these medications, you may now be wondering what you should do next. Well, as a provider of excellent home care services in Savannah Georgia, one piece of advice we can give you is to not panic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that your relatives can choose to do at least one of three ways.

First, they can stop taking the drugs if such is possible. Or, they can ask their health care practitioners to give them other safer alternatives. However, if either of the two aforementioned steps are not viable, your family members can ask their clinicians to have their medications reduced to the lowest possible dose instead. As a concerned family member, we recommend that you actively participate in this undertaking in order to ensure that your aging loved ones do not suffer from complications even while receiving skilled nursing services.

As a state-licensed, bonded, and fully insured organization offering personal care in Georgia, we further suggest that you make it a point for you and your elderly relatives’ health care team to re-evaluate your family members’ need for and dosage of these medications on a regular basis. You may also want to learn more about the best practices for managing the health conditions that these medications are supposed to be managing. But while these medications may indeed be linked to increased fall risk, it does not necessarily mean that your loved ones should not be taking them at all. Sometimes, their health care professionals may have no other choice but to continue a risky medication, even after they have carefully assessed the benefits and risks.

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