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The Dangers of Sleeping Medications for Seniors

senior patient with her medicines

It is common knowledge that getting solid zzz’s plays a critical role in warding off illnesses, staying healthy, and improving learning. However, as a person gets older, they will most likely experience bodily changes that may interfere with the quality of sleep that they get. These bodily changes oftentimes become more pronounced in their later years, especially when the individual suffers from chronic illnesses or side effects from their prescribed medications and, therefore, would require skilled nursing services. Consequently, sleep disorders become prevalent among members of the geriatric population, with the University of Michigan reporting in a survey that approximately thirty-six percent of adults aged sixty-five and older take some type of sleeping medications to help manage their sleep problems.

Indeed, taking sleeping pills is an convenient and easy way of warding off sleepless nights. However, as an agency providing quality home care services in Savannah Georgia, we recommend that you always consult your primary care physicians before deciding to take any type of sleeping medications. Like most medications, prescription sedatives and over-the-counter sleeping aids can pose risks to your well-being, especially on older adults’. In fact, Consumer Reports found that taking sleeping pills can cause physical and psychological addiction in seniors, as well as increase their chances of fall-related and slip-related hospitalizations and death. Aside from that, elderly patients may also develop side effects which could be detrimental to their health.

To prevent these dangers, the best way you can do is to advise your loved ones not to take sleeping aids in the first place. Encourage them to try other ways that can help them fall asleep. Whether they are receiving dependable personal care in Georgia or not, they can still make lifestyle changes that can positively affect their nighttime sleeping patterns, such as exercising every day, limiting their caffeine intake, and placing gadgets away from their bedside table before going to sleep. Get in touch with Magnolia Total Care if you have other questions.

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