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Priorities Involved in Providing End-of-Life Care

senior patient and his wife

End-of-life care refers to support services provided for individuals who are in the last years or months of their lives. These services are offered to help the patient live as comfortably as possible up until their last hours and to die with their dignity intact. At Magnolia Total Care, for instance, our team asks the patient what their preferences are when it comes to the care provided to them during their last days. We then take these wishes into account as we work with the patient and their family in terms of their care management.

End-of-life care is tailored to the needs and wishes of the patient receiving it since individuals who are approaching the end of their lives have a right to receive high-quality personal care in Georgia, wherever they are being cared for. For people involved in providing end-of-life care, it is necessary that they regularly review the preferences of the patient, as well as their care plan, so that they stay up-to-date with the situation in case any changes occur.

Here are five important priorities for the type and degree of support and care that patients must receive in their last few hours:

  1. Patients must be attended to by their physicians regularly. If their primary care doctors believe that the patient is dying sooner than expected, they should be responsible enough to explain this to the patient and the people who are close to the latter.
  2. The skilled nursing team involved in the patient’s care should be honest, sincere, compassionate, and sensitive when it comes to interacting with the patient and their family members.
  3. The people who are close to the patient ought to be involved in the patient’s care decisions, subject to the patient’s wishes.
  4. The needs of the patient’s close relatives must be met, too.
  5. The patient’s personalized care plan must have their approval as well.

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