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Light Housekeeping Services to Assist Your Loved Ones

senior patient smiling while a caregiver is cleaning

Light housekeeping describes one of the different classifications of services offered by home care companies like Magnolia Total Care. These services often include, but are not restricted to, doing the laundry, changing linens, running errands, home organization assistance, light housekeeping, incontinence care, and assistance with feeding.

A lot of people who use home care services in Savannah Georgia often misunderstand the services that the term “light housekeeping” entail. But while the services that fall under this category depend upon a home care company’s licensing, let us tell you that light housekeeping ought to be thought more in terms of duties and tasks that are performed and completed by personal care attendants. Consequently, light housekeeping refers to responsibilities that maintain orderly living spaces for clients to be cared for with peace of mind.

On an everyday basis, this means that clients can count on the fact that their baths are prepared and drawn, and towels and a new set of clothes are set out for their use. Aside from that, they need not worry about the dishes and the dust gathering in the house since their caregivers take over these activities while they themselves are receiving personal care in Georgia.

Light housekeeping also includes watering your family members’ beloved plants, dusting the surfaces and knickknacks, and picking up clutter. It also covers things like vacuuming and sweeping principal walk areas, emptying the trash, and organizing shelves, drawers, and closets. In a nutshell, it means the completion of specific tasks required to keep the house tidy in order for clients to continue attaining top-quality health at home despite their old age and other handicaps they may face.

If you or your loved ones are in need of light housekeeping services, don’t think twice about giving us a call right away. We also offer skilled nursing services, among others, for your and your relatives’ peace of mind.

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